Recorded Activities for Senior-Care

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To provide activity professionals and senior-care homes with high-quality, meaningful, and engaging recorded activities.



  • To bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of seniors everywhere.

  • To improve quality of life and reduce isolation.

  • To support activity professionals in their program planning.

We want to extend a special thank you to everyone who donated to Miya Music Therapy's fundraiser in 2020 in order to make this initiative come to life. 

For any questions or inquiries please contact

Founder & Executive Director, Miya Adout



This initiative was born out of Miya Music Therapy's passion and dedication for improving the quality of life of older adults living in senior care facilities. Throughout the pandemic, our team has continued to work with our community partners, however, our reach has been limited due to ongoing restrictions. We wanted to find a way to continue to support senior living communities and those who may be experiencing particular challenges due to isolation. ​


With a person-centered approach, The Sunshine Link aims to provide a wide variety of recorded activities in order to meet seniors' unique interests and hobbies. The activities each target a range of goals including motor skills, cognitive stimulation, and self-expression. 


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As a part of The Sunshine Link launch, upon signing up you will have access to 10 free recorded activities including 'Name That Tune', 'World History', and 'Music & Movement'. 


Each recorded activity comes with a PDF attachment for activity professionals to use alongside the recording. This PDF provides ways to make the activity as meaningful and engaging as possible. 

Your feedback is essential for The Sunshine Link to continue providing resources! Once you are signed in you will see 5 videos and a Feedback Form in your portal. After using these videos with your senior care community, please fill out the feedback form. Once it is complete you will have access to 5 more videos in your portal.