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We are now offering a group facilitated by both a Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Music Therapist in Toronto in collaboration with SpeakAble Speech and Language!


Owners of SpeakAble and Miya Music Therapy select a group of children that would be appropriate based on their skills, needs, and ages. The music therapist and speech-language pathologist work in conjunction to elicit words, social communication and speech sounds through music!

Please note that your child requires a speech and language evaluation report completed within the last year in order to participate in the group. You will be asked to send those for review by the SLP who will then determine whether or not they are still valid. If your child has not been seen by an SLP and you wish to have an evaluation completed, please contact us.


You will be provided with a brief progress note regarding your child’s speech and language goals after the completion of the group.

Groups require a minimum of 4 children in order to run, and can accommodate up to a maximum of 7.

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Upcoming Programs:

Who: Children ages 5-7 with autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, childhood apraxia of speech, phonological disorders, sound errors or language delays.

What: The group will run for 1 hour; 45 minutes of direct time and 15 minutes of indirect time for notations and parent feedback.

When: Six weeks, from Wednesday October 16th- Wednesday November 20th at 5:00pm.

Where: Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre located at 750 Spadina Avenue, M5S 2J2.