Psychotherapy within the music therapy framework allows for an opportunity to address a client’s specific mental health needs while working in a creative approach. Music can enhance the therapeutic experience when treating a variety of challenges, including anxiety, depression, and trauma. Music psychotherapy interventions include music and mindfulness, guided imagery, songwriting, and much more. No musical experience is required.

Goal Areas Include:  

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Foster personal understanding and development

  • Establish coping mechanisms

We use interventions such as:

  • Songwriting

  • Guided Imagery 

  • Mindfulness techniques 



Amelia Ballak

Certified Music Therapist & Registered Psychotherapist

Are you looking for ways to express yourself creatively and authentically, without the pressure
of finding the “right words”? As a Certified Music Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist, I
offer the opportunity to use creative approaches to support those with various goals or needs.
My additional training in CBT, trauma-informed practice and grief care are used in tandem with
creative approaches and music.
Whether you are looking to address behavioral concerns, emotional regulation, negative
thinking, or to work through challenging life events, there is a space for you. I work within a
resource-oriented and person-centered approach; meaning I collaborate with those I work
with, and the most important voice is yours.
I aim to create a space that offers freedom of expression, whether in person or virtually, while
also working towards your goals. No musical experience or training is needed in order to
benefit from music psychotherapy.