10 Sets of Self-Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself As a Music Therapist at the End of the Year

It's hard to believe that 2019 is coming to an end! Just last week, our team at Miya Music Therapy met at a delicious cafe called Cacao 70 on Queen Street in downtown Toronto for our end of the year self-reflection/journaling event. It was a real treat for me on multiple levels: seeing the team, eating chocolate (my favourite), and taking the time to slow down and do some self-reflecting.

One of our awesome team members, Steffi, led us through some amazing and thoughtful question/journaling prompts to get us thinking about ways we have personally grown and changed over the year and what is truly important to us each as we move forward into 2020. I found this so valuable! It got me thinking about some questions we can also ask ourselves for professional self-reflection as music therapists. So, here are 10 sets of questions to ask yourself at the end of this year.

Make sure to get out a journal, a pen, and if you're like us at MMT - a bunch of chocolate!

1. Work-Life Balance

Have I had a healthy work-life balance this year? - Am I happy with how many clinical hours I facilitate per week? - Will the number of hours I work inevitably lead to burn out? - Do I have enough time for me? - Do I have enough time to spend with loved ones? - How can I improve this in the new year? - What action steps should I take?

2. Support

Have I been receiving enough support this year? - Am I seeing a therapist of my own? - Am I feeling supported by my family and friends? - Am I speaking with a clinical supervisor or a peer supervision group to discuss clinical challenges? - How can I make improvements in this area to better my professional health and the outcome for my clients?

3. Music

Have I made time to enjoy or play music for myself and not just for my clients? - Have I explored and enjoyed new music or new genres? - Has my repertoire grown this year? How can I make sure to continue to or begin to use music more in my own life outside of work? Is there a new instrument I want to learn, but haven't had the chance yet?