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Why add a music therapist to your senior centre team?

  • Music therapy provides opportunities for meaninful social engagement

  • Music therapy can elicit memories that contribute to reminiscence and emotional expression

  • Music therapy can improve mood, decrease stress, and lower perceived pain. 

  • Music therapy can help to reduce challenging behaviours related to dementia and Alzheimers. 

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Reasons for Resident Referral to Music Therapy:

  • Social isolation i.e., not attending other programs

  • Difficulty transitioning to environment

  • Experiencing loss and grief

  • Need for a sense of purpose and connection

  • Decline in cognitive, physical, or communication abilities

  • Experiencing anxiety and/or depression

  • Exhibiting aggressive and/or challenging behavior

  • Wandering and exit seeking 

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What Services Do We Provide?


  • We work with each unique facility to meet residents' needs by providing a combination of group and individual music therapy sessions.

  • We always begin with an in-service where we educate staff and family about the benefits of music therapy. 

  • We spend the first two weeks on-site receiving referrals and conducting assessments.

  • Working with the program manager, we then create a case-load and schedule. 

  • Group sessions can take on the form of a Glee Club, Bell Choir, and more. 

  • We can also provide music therapy sessions to staff and caregivers to alleviate stress and promote relaxation.

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