Why Add a Music Therapist to your Long-Term Care or Retirement Facility Team?

  • To improve mood, decrease stress, and lower perceived pain.

  • To provide opportunities for meaningful social engagement.

  • To reduce agitation and behaviours related to dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.


At MMT We: 


  • Always begin with an in-service where we educate care-teams about the benefits of music therapy and when to refer.

  • Spend the first two weeks of on-site services receiving referrals and conducting assessments.

  • Implement our unique group programs including Glee Club.

Reasons for Resident Referral to Music Therapy:

  • Social isolation i.e., not attending other programs

  • Difficulty transitioning to care facility

  • Experiencing loss and grief

  • Need for a sense of purpose and connection

  • A decline in cognitive, physical, or communication abilities

  • Experiencing anxiety and/or depression

  • Exhibiting aggressive and/or challenging behavior

  • Wandering and exit seeking 

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