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Welcome business owners, aspiring creative entrepreneurs, and professional music therapists!

As Founder & Executive Director of Miya Music Therapy, I have experience building a vision, company, and team from the ground up. As a consultant and coach, I work with

entrepreneurs to help them pinpoint their ultimate vision, set quarterly goals, stay accountable, smooth through obstacles, and build strong teams.

You can learn more about business consulting and music therapy supervision services below.


Small Business Consultation

As a small business consultant, Miya works with entrepreneurs and leadership teams to develop and implement a roadmap of business initiatives and goals.  Miya will join your team as a consultant for a minimum of a one-year period to help you optimize your business from every angle. Consultant services are often selected by entrepreneurs just beginning their journey or those who are experiencing significant roadblocks to achieving their vision.

Business Coaching

Work with Miya for 1-hour business coaching sessions when you need it most. Whether, it's when you are first launching your business, for monthly accountability, or when you are experiencing challenges. Topics that can be covered in business coaching sessions include. 

  • Marketing, cold calling, budgeting.

  • Building relationships and presentations.

  • Profit planning and budgeting.

Clinical Supervision

This workshop is geared towards healthcare professionals who wish to incorporate music more intentionally into their care. This is not music therapy training, but rather informative training on how staff members can use music safely and ethically with their residents, clients, and patients. This training is popular amongst senior-care , mental health, and hospice care teams.  

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