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Music & Wellness Workshop

Our music and wellness workshop is designed to meet the wellness needs for team members of corporations, organizations, and healthcare facilities. This workshop will help your staff learn how to use music intentionally in order to improve their health and wellbeing.

This informative, fun, and engaging workshop covers topics and experiential activities including:

  • Purposeful Playlist Building

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation to Music

  • Proven Benefits of Singing and Songwriting

Team Music & Wellness Sessions

After attending our music and wellness workshop, many teams choose to book one of our certified music therapists for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly staff music & wellness sessions. These are offered both either in person and virtually. 

During these 40-minute wellness sessions, staff will participate in breathing to music, music sharing & discussion, singing, and other exercises that are proven to reduce stress, combat burnout, and improve mood. 

Healthcare Staff Training

This workshop is geared towards healthcare professionals who wish to incorporate music more intentionally into their care. This is not music therapy training, but rather informative training on how staff members can use music safely and ethically with their residents, clients, and patients. This training is popular amongst senior-care , mental health, and hospice care teams.  

Feedback from Our Workshops:

"Lots of helpful tips for using music to make you feel more calm like the playlist idea. Also creating/singing the song together was lots of fun!"

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Our Founder & Director, Miya Adout, provides Keynote Presentations for conferences and events. Past presentations include 'The Practice of Music Therapy', 'Music, Aging, & Wellness', 'Music Improves Our Lives: Here's How to Use it With Purpose'. 

In addition to providing music therapy services for patients and clients in settings including long-term care, mental health, and hospice centres, our Executive Director also provides music & wellness workshops for staff and corporations to help reduce stress levels, improve mood, and combat burnout.